Assisting Victims Since 1997

The Ross County Prosecutor's Victim & Witness Assistance program provides victims of felony crimes and their families free access and knowledge of the proceedings of justice, as well as support in order that they may be empowered to assert their rights. The program has been assisting victims of felony cases since 1997 in the Court of Common Pleas and Juvenile Division.

The Ross County Victim & Witness Assistance Program participates in the following committees:

  • The Child Protection Center's Multidisciplinary Team
  • Family Violence Prevention Council
  • The Ross County Coalition to End Human Trafficking
  • SANE/SART Program

We are members of the following programs:

  • Ohio Domestic Violence Network
  • Ohio Advocacy Network
  • Ohio Victim/Witness Association


Jeffrey C. Marks - Prosecuting Attorney
33 West Main Street, Suite 200
Chillicothe, OH 45601
(740) 702-3115

Kathy J. Richardson - Director

Nicole R. Long - Victim Advocate